Warranty and Refund Policy


Refund Process for Signs:

Yoeweb Design strives to meet your needs. In the unlikely case that this does not happen, Yoeweb Design will make every effort to make it right. Yoeweb Design does not issue cash refunds; instead, efforts will be made to replace the faulty product. Yoeweb Design offers resolution only for signs that are found to be defective upon arrival at their final destination. To initiate the resolution process, it is mandatory to provide photographic or video evidence demonstrating that the sign was defective or in poor condition at the time of delivery Customers must contact Yoeweb Design within a maximum of 5 business days from the date of signed receipt.

The resolution for defective products will be determined on a case-by-case basis, considering the root cause of the issue, and is subject to the sole discretion of Yoeweb Design.


Personalized Sign Guarantee from Yoeweb Design:

Yoeweb Design offers a 12-month warranty on the electrical components of sign products as applicable, provided that the products are used correctly. Yoeweb Design does not provide warranty coverage for signs that are broken, wet, dirty, or damaged due to misuse.

Post the 12-month warranty period, Yoeweb Design offers a technical maintenance service at an additional cost. Any damages caused by the transformer cable connected to the current are not the responsibility of Yoeweb Design. In case of power supply failure or damage, replacement must be done at the customer’s expense.


Refund Process for Printing:

Yoeweb Design reserves the right to decide on the resolution for defective printing on a case-by-case basis. Cash refunds are not issued, and efforts will be made to replace the defective printing. Resolutions for printing services are only applicable in cases where the printed material is delivered in poor condition or is found to be defective. Customers must notify Yoeweb Design within 5 business days of receiving the printed material and provide photographic or video evidence of the defects.


Refund Process for Digital Projects:

Yoeweb Design does not provide refunds for completed digital projects. Once a digital project is finalized and delivered to the client, it is considered non-refundable. However, in cases where the delivered digital project is significantly different from the agreed-upon specifications, Yoeweb Design will work collaboratively with the client to rectify the issues or make necessary adjustments.


Turnaround Time (Estimated):

The estimated turnaround time for Yoeweb Design services will be communicated during the project initiation phase. While Yoeweb Design strives to meet these estimates, they are not guaranteed. Delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances or complexities in the project.

Clients will be kept informed of any changes to the estimated turnaround time. In the event of a significant delay, Yoeweb Design will work closely with the client to find a suitable solution.